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CN-1418939-A: 防缩水洗衣液 patent, CN-1419198-A: Safety protective computer patent, CN-1419427-A: 眼晴测量系统 patent, CN-1419913-A: Oral cavity disintegrating tablet of erythromycin ethylsuccinate for treating infection, and preparing method thereof patent, CN-1420041-A: 嵌入式一体化车牌辨识仪 patent, CN-1420317-A: 空气净化器 patent, CN-1420565-A: 半导体存储器件 patent, CN-1421823-A: 指式非接触时间记录设备 patent, CN-1421856-A: 声讯的播放系统与无失真压缩编码系统 patent, CN-1423522-A: 从培养细胞产生克隆胚胎和成年动物的方法 patent, CN-1423931-A: 渔线导环及装备有渔线导环的钓竿 patent, CN-1424186-A: Wood stifling dye method patent, CN-1424476-A: 全自动预应力张拉装置 patent, CN-1424688-A: Fingerprint identifying method and system, biological statical identifying system patent, CN-1425292-A: 鱼藤酮环糊精或环糊精衍生物的包合物及制备方法 patent, CN-1425675-A: 棉花Na patent, CN-1426353-A: 给印刷机中的辊子上墨的计量系统 patent, CN-1427958-A: 掩埋体管理系统 patent, CN-1428120-A: 食品加工工具 patent, CN-1428459-A: 陶瓷内衬钢管的制造方法 patent, CN-1429127-A: Expanding mounting assembly for mounting sprayhead to wall patent, CN-1430040-A: 漆弹枪储弹装置改良结构 patent, CN-1430050-A: In-line fault diagnosis system for running mechanism of train patent, CN-1430982-A: Capsule of astragalus and honey as well as its preparing technique patent, CN-1431134-A: 定量式点胶装置 patent, CN-1431224-A: 中华绒螯蟹卵巢发育相关基因ej01编码蛋白 patent, CN-1431393-A: Appts. and method for exhaust and purification of I.C. engine patent, CN-1431556-A: 基于离焦深度分析的光学投影系统物面调整方法和装置 patent, CN-1434192-A: 带拖梁的组合支架 patent, CN-1434434-A: 用于显示装置的驱动器件 patent, CN-1434828-A: Novel bisamidate phosphonate prodrugs patent, CN-1435153-A: 餐具洗净机 patent, CN-1436031-A: 一种在启动荧光灯管后可减少灯丝电流的电子安定器 patent, CN-1436261-A: 荧光接触透镜 patent, CN-1436664-A: 打印机 patent, CN-1436852-A: 一段淋球菌dna序列的特异性确定及其应用 patent, CN-1438828-A: Organic electroluminescent device of electroluminescent unit with lamina patent, CN-1438844-A: Hook and loop fastening patent, CN-1440753-A: 儿童健脑咀嚼片 patent, CN-1440844-A: 传热元件的制造方法 patent, CN-1441463-A: Forming method for semiconductor thin film and forming device for semiconductor thin film patent, CN-1442025-A: Method for monitoring communications in cellular radio communication system, and network core therefor patent, CN-1442620-A: Screw being locally heat treated and quenched patent, CN-1443071-A: Neuroprotective 7-beta-hydroxysteroids patent, CN-1443790-A: 热塑性树脂聚合物 patent, CN-1444081-A: Device for controlling liquid crystal distribution and method for making liquid crystal display patent, CN-1446131-A: 车辆的拉动校准器 patent, CN-1446673-A: Anti-heat radiation and fire resistance plate with fibers planted patent, CN-1448171-A: Blood sugar and glucose in urine lowering capsule patent, CN-1448399-A: Synthetic method of 24-methylene-cholesterol-5-alkenyl-3 beta, 19-glycol patent, CN-1449117-A: Method and equipment for detecting random error code patent, CN-1449407-A: 生理学上可接受的强酸加成盐形式的在其n-末端含有一个谷氨酸或一个谷氨酰胺的药用分子 patent, CN-1449703-A: 一种气垫 patent, CN-1449710-A: Steam jetting type ice and hot water synchronous preparing apparatus patent, CN-1449794-A: Radix bupleuri soft capsule pharmaceutics and preparation process thereof patent, CN-1450335-A: Electromagnetic marking method and magnetic coder made by same patent, CN-1450573-A: 复合纳米晶磁记录材料的制备方法 patent, CN-1450649-A: 半导体器件及其制法、soi衬底及其制法和其显示器件 patent, CN-1450921-A: Pressure sore pad having self-limiting electrosurgical return electrode properties and optional heating/cooling capabilities patent, CN-1451024-A: Polymer composition molded articles containing the same and process for the production of both patent, CN-1451220-A: 在内容交换机中预装内容对象 patent, CN-1451456-A: Board game appliance patent, CN-1451607-A: Process for preparing high-purity superfine barium titanate by liquid phase chemical reaction patent, CN-1452742-A: 用于显示浏览器屏幕的方法,显示系统,以及记录介质 patent, CN-1453912-A: Separating apparatus patent, CN-1454760-A: 一种竹质板材及其生产方法 patent, CN-1455147-A: 一种灯具上的格栅 patent, CN-1455587-A: 画中画处理系统和控制方法 patent, CN-1455891-A: 可实施相互信息提供的计算机系统及其使用方法 patent, CN-1456721-A: 纱线的接线方法,装置,和细纱的纱线接头 patent, CN-1456726-A: 缝纫机 patent, CN-1456792-A: Power station and boiler wasteheat steam gravity compressor and micropump microconsumption ultra-energy-saving water supplying systems patent, CN-1457046-A: Dip compensating device and method patent, CN-1457762-A: Toothpaste capable of reducing blood sugar, balancing blood lipid and regulating blood-pressure patent, CN-1458015-A: Flocking method for seal strip patent, CN-1458686-A: Copper radiator and its producing process patent, CN-1458911-A: 玻璃纸用短切纤维 patent, CN-1460435-A: Liver-protecting functional food made up by using ligustrum fruit and silkworm chrysalis and its preparation method patent, CN-1460615-A: All-weather car rear-viewing device and device capable of making driver view emergency road for escaping danger patent, CN-1461511-A: Improved data protection and control device and method thereof patent, CN-1461709-A: 自行车花鼓 patent, CN-1463099-A: 用于ofdm下保障实时业务服务质量的调度方法 patent, CN-1463100-A: Method and device for eliminating interference in parallel patent, CN-1463109-A: 主动稳定的时间复用器 patent, CN-1463788-A: Absorber for increasing product recovery ratio in adsorbing process and use thereof patent, CN-1464044-A: Process for producing liquor using sugar grass stalk patent, CN-1464320-A: 可变衰减度光纤准直器 patent, CN-1464602-A: Visible waveband dual-wavelength solid laser patent, CN-1465288-A: Method for preparing spiced and other taste egg and duck's egg and goose egg patent, CN-1465407-A: 无菌充气袋 patent, CN-1466700-A: 光学装置 patent, CN-1466745-A: 自动银行机系统和方法 patent, CN-1467514-A: Optical component and method of manufacturing same patent, CN-1467808-A: 具有降低封装测试时间的半导体存储装置 patent, CN-1468595-A: Honeyed liver and kidney soft extract patent, CN-1468911-A: 从甜菊浸出液中提取精制叶绿素的方法 patent, CN-1469091-A: 蒸汽压缩制冷剂循环系统 patent, CN-1470293-A: Needleless blood vessel injection port device patent, CN-1470531-A: Target gene entraining system using histone as core sequence patent, CN-1471123-A: 等离子体显示板 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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